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Covid-19: What is the condition from Delhi to Bengal

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Covid-19- West Bengal Covid Case: In West Bengal, the Corona case has started to scare again. On Tuesday, a total of 1,973 new cases of Covid-19 were reported and three people died. With that, the total number of infections in the state rose to 20,37,590. At the same time, the state’s infection rate (Covid Positivity Rate) rose to 15.93%.

With this, the total number of Covid cases in the state increased to 20,03,845. At the same time, the total number of deaths in Kolkata from Covid increased to 21,228. This speed in corona cases does not seen not only in Bengal. On Monday, 420 new cases of Covid-19 were reported in the national capital Delhi and the infection rate reached 5.25%. Another person died from an infection in Delhi.

What is the condition of Covid in Delhi?
It was said in the data that with the new cases of infected people and those who died, the number of infected and deceased people in the capital rose to 19, 37,433 and 26,272 respectively. According to the data, there are 2938 patients under treatment in the capital. This figure was 3,268 a day earlier.

According to the data, 648 new cases were reported in Delhi on Sunday and five people died from infection. He said 678 new cases were reported on Saturday while on Friday the number was 813. Two and three people died on Saturday and Friday respectively.

What is the reaction of doctors to the increase in infection?
It was said in the health bulletin that some cases have also arrived in Delhi of the BA.4 and BA5 variant of Omicron which is highly contagious but experts said there was no need to panic at because of that. A serious infection does not occur.

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