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China forced to return 10,000 citizens living abroad

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China brought back overseas nationals: A report found that China has forcibly recalled around 10,000 foreign Chinese nationals against their will since 2014. According to the report, the Chinese judicial system used non-judicial methods, including kidnapping, harassment and intimidation. Spanish rights group Safeguard Defenders gave the information on Tuesday.

China aggressively monitors its citizens living abroad. The report alleges that China extends its police power overseas and illegally exercises it on foreign soil.

relatives have been harassed

Officials have been targeted by people wanted by China’s justice system as part of President Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign. According to information provided by the NGO, relatives of those who have criticized the Communist Party in China have been harassed and relatives have been detained for calling a Chinese foreigner.

2,500 citizens returned in two years

The report says Chinese expatriates are increasing rapidly as most people want to leave China. Safeguards advocates cited government figures in their estimate that since 2014 around 10,000 Chinese nationals have been forcibly deported. Official figures show that Beijing has invited some 2,500 foreign Chinese nationals over the past two years.

agents are sent to intimidate

However, it does not include suspects detained for non-economic crimes or who are not members of China’s ruling Communist Party. The NGO’s report alleges that intimidation of family members of suspects is widespread in China and that Chinese agents are sent overseas to intimidate targeted individuals.

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