Capt Amarinder Singh meets PM Modi today, to discuss farmers protests and border security

Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh meets PM Modi today. Punjab CM will most likely appeal to PM Modi to intervene on the issue of farmers’ protest.

New Delhi: The Chief Minister of Punjab Capt Amarinder Singh meets PM Modi on Wednesday evening. The Punjab CM will likely discuss the issue of the farmers’ protest, sources told ABP News.

He had met the Union Minister of the Interior, Amit Shah, on Tuesday. It is speculated that Amarinder Singh could demand the immediate repeal of the new agricultural laws when he meets Prime Minister Modi.

Discussion on the question of farmers

Many farmers in Punjab have protested against three new farm reform laws introduced by the government last year. Farmers have long been at the borders of the nation’s capital, demanding the withdrawal of the three new agricultural laws. Punjab chief minister Amarinder Singh is likely to call on Prime Minister Modi to repeal the new laws citing huge social and economic security implications.

Meeting with Amit Shah

On Tuesday, during a meeting with Union Interior Minister Amit Shah, Amarinder Singh asked for an intervention to resolve the farmers’ protest. The media adviser to the chief minister of Punjab had informed that Amarinder Singh had asked the Shah to prevent the opposition forces from profiting from the resentment of the farmers.

Amarinder Singh is also likely to discuss Punjab security with PM Modi. During his meeting with Amit Shah, he requested 25 companies from the Central Armed Police and anti-drone equipment for the Border Security Force (BSF). He added that Pakistan-backed terrorist forces could target Punjab.

The CM also met Congress President Sonia Gandhi in Delhi on Tuesday evening. The party’s Punjab official, Harish Rawat, was also present at the meeting.

It was Amarinder’s first meeting with Gandhi after Navjot Singh Sidhu was appointed leader of the Punjab Congress. It came a day after Sidhu, in a series of tweets, accused Congress of “inaction” in a 2018 drug trafficking case.

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