CA Exam 2021: SC’s green signal on CA exams has Twitter calculating stress with memes

CA Exam 2021: A petition requesting the postponement of the public accountant examination organized by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) was dismissed by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has given the ICAI a green signal to pursue its decision to conduct the in-person exams which are expected to start from July 5. However, the court also added that students who have been affected by the COVID-19 virus should be given an option to withdraw from exams if they wish. The petitioner had urged the Supreme Court to postpone the exam for a while until all students and teachers are vaccinated. However, the ICAI said there was no need to postpone the review as the pandemic situation was improving and the number of reported coronaviruses had dropped significantly. Since news of the Supreme Court ruling broke, social media has been buzzing with user reactions. While some of them have expressed concern about safety, others have used memes to express their thoughts.

In support of its decision to give a green signal to the conduct of the exam, the Supreme Court said that most students were eager to take the exam, as more than 2,82,000 out of 3,74230 applicants had already downloaded the admission form. menu. Digging into this logic, many users have shared their reactions in memes.

People were also worried that students who had become relaxed in hope that the examination would be postponed like others, would now have to hurry to complete their leftover syllabus.

Check out some of the other viral reactions here:

Examinations for the various levels of Chartered Accountancy are slated to begin from July 5 and will go on till July 30

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