Buyers of iPhone 13 want better battery life, much cheaper prices

Many count the hours at Apple’s launch event that will launch the iPhone 13 series. No matter the price, we can be sure that the new iPhones will hold Apple’s incredible sales numbers.

How much? According to a study, about 10 million mobile users in the UK plan to buy an iPhone 13 in the next 12 months.

Of these, about four million will buy a new iPhone 13 model as soon as it becomes available. There are, however, high hopes for some improvement on new iPhones compared to the previous generation.

Potential buyers of the iPhone 13 want two major pain points resolved – battery backup and price.

Research has shown that 35 percent of potential buyers want a longer lasting battery on their new iPhones. All previous iPhone usage suffers from a very limited battery backup compared to Android’s most budget offerings.

To address this issue, Apple has introduced the MagSafe battery pack for additional battery backup for iPhone users. It just has to be bought separately.

Apple’s next logical step would be to increase the battery backup on iPhones and Apple users have been looking for that for a long time. Another demand they have is that iPhones are less expensive.

Surprisingly, even Apple users do not want to pay as much as Apple wants iPhones and all three of these users have said the same thing.

iPhone 13 want better battery life

The findings come from a new study conducted by, a comparative and changing service in the UK. The study was conducted on 2,000 UK adults from August 27 to 31, 2021. The results were rated to show nationally representative methods.

The study also revealed that iPhone 13 consumers do not expect better processing, camera and camera on new iPhones.

About 17 percent of respondents also expect a 1TB storage option in some models. The good news – all of this goes hand in hand with what we know about the iPhone 13.

About 27 percent looking for a charger in the box might be disappointed anyway.

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