Bollywood Holi of these families who were famous

Bollywood Holi- means fun and frolic in Bollywood. The relationship between Bollywood and Holi is decades old, not only on screen but also in real life, Bollywood celebrities love to celebrate Holi. Even today many celebrities throw a party in Holi and in these parties the gulal color flies a lot. But it’s not a trend of today, but it must have been celebrated in Bollywood for decades.

The Bachchans, Akhtars and Kapoors are among the families whose Holi has always been memorable. These families gave a new definition to the holiday of Holi. And even today there is a lot of talk about their Holi.

Holi by Raj Kapoor

Now what should we say about the Kapoor family Holi…..Bhang, Rang, Gulal, Pani and Dance…that was the special feature of Raj Kapoor’s Holi. On Holi day, mehfil was decorated in RK studio and hardly anyone would be there if he didn’t reach this Holi holiday. And once whoever entered this Holi party cannot leave again without becoming colorful again. With the Kapoor family, all of Bollywood was part of this Holi celebration.

Bachchan Family Holi

Even though the Bachchan family hasn’t held a Holi party for a few years, but there was a time when Holi, Jalsa and Abir were huffing fiercely in anticipation and only one thing echoed throughout…Holi is . After Holi, photos of the Bachchan family’s Holi were released in the media. But for a few years, the Bachchan family no longer celebrates Holi.

Holi by Javed Akhtar

Javed Akhtar is one of those celebrities who still throw the Holi party the same way they have for years. Although the brightness of this holiday dimmed for 1-2 years during the Corona period, but even today when it comes to Holi, Javed Akhtar’s Holi holiday is discussed.

Shahrukh Khan’s Holi

Shahrukh Khan’s style of celebrating Holi is quite unique. Shahrukh openly celebrated the Holi festival with his wife Gauri Khan. And there’s a lot of talk about their Holi stories. While Shahrukh has been part of the famous Bollywood party, he himself has celebrated Holi several times on Mannat.

Subhash Ghai’s Holi

In his bungalow on Mud Island, Subhash Ghai didn’t know how many times Holi celebrated. And the whole Bollywood family used to attend her Holi party.

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