Bihar Crime: 20 lakh looted from gold trader in Chhapra

Bihar Crime – In Saran district, Bihar, criminals committed a robbery on Monday. The incident takes place in the area of ​​the Garkha police station in the district, where two criminals in police uniforms stole Rs 20 lakh from a gold trader.

According to reports, gold businessman Nipan Dada was driving home from his car after collecting money in the area. Meanwhile, criminals in police uniforms started chasing her car near Garkha.

Money was stolen on the strength of the gun (Bihar Crime)
there, after finding an isolated place, the car stopped and then with the force of the gun, escaped with a bag full of money. Regarding the incident, the victim businessman said he was driving back from Chhapra town in his car after collecting money in rural Saran. Meanwhile, two criminals in police uniform were chased two kilometers by a vehicle written by the police near Garkha. At the same time, as soon as the car was stopped, the uniformed henchmen got out and fled after committing the robbery.

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The criminals called themselves officers

The businessman is originally from Calcutta and has been doing business living in Chapra for many years. According to the businessman, the two uniformed criminals sitting in the car mistreated each other posing as agents of the special branch and demanded a bag full of money.

Bihar CrimeIn such a situation, when they protested, the criminals pointed guns and tore off the car keys and cell phone as well as the money and ran away.
Here, after obtaining information about the incident, the police arrived at the scene and began to investigate the case. In this regard, Saran SP Santosh Kumar said that the investigation into the incident is ongoing. The police are taking further action.

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