Battlegrounds Mobile India Developer Krafton Details Plans Investment Plans for India

Battlegrounds Mobile India developer Krafton shared an update on his livelihood plans for India. In November, Krafton said he planned to make $ 100 million (approximately Rs. 746 crores) in India to develop video game, e-sports and other industries.

Today it has confirmed that it has invested $ 22.5 million (approximately Rs. 167 crores) in NODWIN Gaming, and $ 9 million (approximately Rs. 67.13 crores) in Loco. The developer said he continues to look for promising firms that will help build a healthy playground.

Following the ban on PUBG Mobile in India back in September, the operation of the game in the country was taken over by South Korean engineer Krafton. After many attempts to bring the game back, the engineer announced in November that PUBG Mobile India would be launched in the country to cater directly to Indian players.


At the time, it had also announced that it was planning to make $ 100 million (approximately Rs. 746 crores) in India to “improve local video game, sports, entertainment and IT industries.”

Now, Krafton has announced in a press release that he is working to achieve this goal and has already made a small investment to achieve his goal.

When Battlegrounds Mobile India was announced in early May, Krafton had said the game would kick off with its esports ecosystem that would include tournaments and leagues.

With its current investment, it seems to be working hard towards its goal. Speaking of Battlegrounds Mobile India, the game was officially launched today, July 2, for Android users in India. As of now, there is no information about the release of iOS.

With the game back in India it seems the company is continuing to invest in building the environment, but whether that will be enough to bring the game back to the high-profile highs prior to the ban is uncertain, as the competition, both global and homegrown, led to a PUBG absence that lasted about nine months.

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