Battlefield Mobile Alpha Test Started and You Are Invited

Battlefield Mobile has finally arrived in Asia, only in alpha test mode. This is a full shot from EA, where you can not only walk on your own feet, but also get into the tank.

In it, along the road, you can destroy road signs and even buildings. The main method is to control points and group battles, consisting of four people.

If we talk about the drawings, then for a small fee the picture looks wet, and on the outside the project is like Battlefield 3.

By the way, before you appear on the map, you select the destination, and one of the stages, in the middle of which there is an attack plane and a tree.

The map is small, so it will be difficult to “camp”, and the tank flies from one RPG shell. If you want to customize the class, that is, the elements and passives.

Regarding the Battlefield Mobile alpha test, only Android players are eligible to participate.

If you apply, this does not mean that you will receive an invitation, you may have to wait. Yes, if you do not want to wait, then download the APK through our Telegram channel.

[Обновление] If you have endless downloads then break the Thai VPN and sign in again. Or simply re-enter by forcibly stopping the game.

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