ATS recovered maps of many major cities from terrorists

ATS- Lucknow Terrorist Arrests: New revelations are made in the case of Al Qaeda terrorists arrested in Lucknow, the capital of the UP. UP ATS has recovered maps of many major cities from the terrorists. Reiki cards around Ayodhya Ram temple were found by terrorists. ATS has maps of religious places like Kashi and Mathura from the Terrorists. The cards are marked with different points. Telegram and video call chat WhatsApp calls are also in the hands of ATS, on the basis of which the investigation is ongoing. In the past 24 hours, ATS has arrested more than 10 suspects and questioning continues. The ATS Raid Series takes place in different cities of UP.

Big disclosure of terrorists arrested in Lucknow

According to sources, during the initial investigation, it was found that the ammunition from the matches was used to make the bomb. The two arrested terrorists traveled frequently to Kanpur. Both had recently bought a cell phone in Kanpur and had also met their partner living in the Nai Sadak area. After this meeting, his friend from Kanpur had organized a meeting of Minhaj and Musheer with many people in Kanpur itself. This meeting was organized with the intention of adding more people to the network. After the arrest of two terrorists from Kakori, Lucknow, ATS detained 4 suspects from Kanpur and 2 from Sambhal. ATS is conducting raids in many districts on this matter.

After the arrests of suspected Al Qaeda terrorists, UP additional chief secretary Avnish Awasthi claimed that the UP police had sufficient evidence against the two terrorists.

There was a plot to detonate with a human bomb

Let us tell you that the terrorists caught in Lucknow had a plot to detonate human bombs. The terrorists planned to explode around August 15. The two terrorists wanted to blow up the series. The names of the terrorists are Minhaj Ahmed and Maseeruddin. It was Al Qaeda’s human bomb module. The two terrorists were associated with the Ansar Ghazwatul Hind group.

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