Aryan Khan Needs Appointment To Meet Pa At Home, SRK Takes Permission Of NCB To Meet Son In Lockup!

Mumbai: In a plot straight out of all-time favorite American comic book “Richie Rich”, poor and wealthy Aryan Khan reportedly told Narcotics Control Bureau detectives that his father and mega-star Shah Rukh Khan was staying so busy that sometimes he needs a date just to meet him.

Ironically, life turned into a full circle when a few days ago SRK had to seek permission from the NCB for a brief meeting with his son at the agency’s premises when the 24-year-old cried. in front of his famous father, but eventually, it turned out that no drugs had been recovered from him.

Aryan, along with at least 10 other people, was repeatedly arrested and arrested from Sunday to Monday during NCB’s first-ever raid on a luxury ship, Cordelia Cruises, as he prepared to weigh anchor for two – an evening gala trip to Goa with around 1,300 well-off passengers on board.

The other young people in the NCB network are Munmum Dhamecha, Arbaaz Merchant, Vikrant Chhoker, Nupur Sarika, Ismeet Singh, Mohak Jaiswal, and Gomit Chopra, and the others were caught Monday during the second NCB operation aboard the cruiser.

The NCB stunt – which rocked the core of Bollywood as a potential future child superstar of one of the title actors – almost seemed incredible until a music video of a dazed Aryan sitting on a bench inside the agency’s office in south Mumbai emerged on Sunday evening.

At Monday’s hearing, during a heated moment in arguments, Aryan lawyer Satish Maneshinde even said it was not as if “Khan (Aryan) was selling drugs in the ship, if he wants, he can buy the ship “.

During their detention for several hours, from their subsequent arrest and now in custody by the BCN until October 7, there was close support for concern from Bollywood circles over Aryan’s welfare inside the agency’s damp and inhospitable prison.

Concerned about her son’s nutritional health, and anxious Gauri Khan rushed to the NCB office this morning armed with a few packets of Mcdonalds’ burgers in her car, lovingly hoping Aryan would relish them.

As might be expected, the BCN detectives sternly but politely rejected his pleas and halted the business for “security reasons”, just as they refused to allow the other defendants the luxury of eating food. homemade food in the prison after being picked up and shot. ashore of the luxury ship.

Nonetheless, the youths accused of rave parties are not really starving and for the past two days, they have been treated with street food like “puri-bhaji, dal-chawal, sabzi-parathas” from street-side stalls. road, as well as plates of biryani or pulao from a nearby restaurant, which is deemed to be a favorite with even NCB detectives.

The usual style of aura and glamorous appearance of Aryan and the other boy-girls was sorely lacking, and most did not appear to have changed their outfits in almost 3 days – far from their routine of wearing and throwing clothes. designer outfits. in the blink of an eye!

In the past three decades, the only other two notables who have spent time behind bars were Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan – and both had sparked a similar media frenzy with tons of love scribbling from their fan brigades.

While Dutt served his sentence at Yerawada Central Prison, Pune as a full convict, Salman spent a total of around 3 weeks in Rajasthan Prison as a sub-trial.


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