Apple Watch assists a cyclist who was injured in a bicycle accident

The Apple Watch has become a savior to many. The clock has been given credit many times for saving people in different situations.

Recently, a cyclist miraculously survived a bicycle accident after his Apple Watch warned paramedics at midnight.

As with the 9to5 Mac, a California man was injured in a bicycle crash on his Apple Watch but police were notified of the incident when the collision feature on the Apple Watch was reported.

The local police department informed the letter that police received a 911 call from Apple Watch. When he reached the eyes, the cyclist was found unconscious.

He was bleeding profusely from his head. The incident happened around 1pm.

Only the Apple Watch SE or the Apple Watch Series 4 or later can get a hard fall, which can help you connect with emergencies if needed. Fall detection feature is not available on Apple Watch 3.

If you are wondering how the feature works, if your watch gets a hard fall while wearing a watch, it touches your wrist, sounds an alarm, and warns you.

You can choose to contact the emergency services or cancel the alert by pressing the Digital Crown. You can also tap the Close option in the top left corner, or tap “I’M OK.”

If the clock detects a movement, it will wait for you to respond to an alert and will not call emergency services automatically.

If your watch finds that you have not been able to move for one minute, it will automatically call emergency services.

“When your Apple’s Watch detects that you are not moving for about a minute, it starts counting down to 30 seconds, while tapping your wrist and ringing a warning.

The warning is too loud for you or anyone nearby to hear. If you do not want to call the paramedics, press Cancel.

At the end of the calculation period, your Apple Watch automatically connects to emergency services, ”states an Apple Watch report.

Here’s how to open or close it

  • Go to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then touch the My Watch tab.
  • Contact Emergency SOS.
  • Turn on or off the Fall Detection. When Fall Detection is on, you can select Stay Open or On Only during exercise.

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