Apollo 11 Mission Completes 52 Years: NASA Shows Image of Neil Armstrong’s Left Moon

NASA shared an image recorded on the face of the moon and in the history of space exploration when Neil Armstrong placed his left foot on the face of the Moon on July 20, 1969 – the first of its kind there.

“What was just one step away from 52 years ago, has moved me deeply throughout my life,” the center said on Instagram, one of the most iconic images of the past century.

Armstrong, Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin, and Michael Collins were at the Apollo 11 Mission.

However, only Armstrong and Aldrin took the Lunar Module, called the Eagle, went to the Moon and left Collins around.

In the post, NASA added, “On this day, we celebrate the arrival of the Moon and greet the heroes, observers and explorers who not only made it seem impossible – but encouraged us to return.”

The space station also talked about its plans to “take the next big step”, namely “putting the first woman and the first person on the Moon”.

Apollo 11 Mission Completes 52 Years: NASA Shows Image

The historical image of Neil Armstrong’s left foot gained more than 16 lakhs within 11 hours of being shared.

Two astronauts travel on the Moon, picking up rocks and soil to bring back to Earth. Interestingly, two astronauts were accompanied by TV cameras and photographs from there so that people around the world could watch this historic event.

In an interview conducted in 2001, Armstrong offered a compliment to the “hundreds of thousands” of people who participated in the project and made it a success.

On July 20, NASA, in a Twitter post, shared a clip in which the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter approached the Apollo 11 Landing Site.

“Watch and see the celestial trails, even there all this time!” NASA wrote on Twitter.

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