Ankita Murder Case: Such a revelation that will blow your senses… Know the story of active love-jihad in Dumka by the victim’s mouth

Ankita Murder Case: After the death of Ankita, new revelations are happening. Now new information is related to Chhotu aka Mo. Naeem, who played the lead role in the murder along with Shahrukh. The area of ​​Jaruadiha where Ankita lived is a Muslim-dominated area. Here the game of love-jihad goes on. Advocate Priya Dutta, who lives there, has made shocking revelations. Priya told that an organization is active there. Which targets minor girls. Their job is to entrap them in the web of love. to marry. Converting to Islam and having children.

Advocate Priya Dutta reveals the secrets of the active Love-Jihad organization in Dumka. (Awakening)

The involvement of Naeem in this organization has come to the fore. Local people told that Naeem keeps on talking about the organization on the phone and in their work. The witness of this is a minor Hindu girl herself trapped in this clutches. On Wednesday, a minor victim resident of Kewatpada of Old Dumka has made a horrifying disclosure. Narrating her ordeal, she said that this incident is from the year 2021 when she used to go to coaching to study. Then Naeem not only used to molest her but also used to threaten to ruin the whole family if she did not listen to him. Asked for phone number.

Painful story of the victim in her own words

The victim said that one day when she was standing in the street in front of her house, Naeem kidnapped her by sitting on the bike. He was kidnapped and taken to his house and imprisoned in a room. During that time he was forcibly pressurizing me to convert and marry. If he refused, he was threatening to kill and sell it to his brother living in Dubai. Later, on the complaint of relatives, the police of Dumka Nagar police station rescued Mo. Naeem from the clutches of Mo. Naeem and took action under the POCSO Act along with registering an FIR against him in this case. He was sent to jail on the basis of this FIR but when he came out on bail, he and his parents are threatening my family to take up the case.

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