Amit Shah in J&K: August 5 will be written in gold letters, says HM. Ensures the development of Kashmir

New Delhi: Claiming that August 5, 2019, marked the end of terrorism, nepotism, and corruption in J&K, Union Home Secretary Amit Shah said on Saturday that it was the responsibility of young people to contribute to the development of the territory of the Union.

“August 5, 2019, will be written in gold letters. It was the end of terrorism, nepotism, corruption, ”Amit Shah said.

“The young people of J&K must contribute to the development of the territory of the Union, it is their responsibility,” he added, addressing the members of the Jammu and Kashmir Youth Club in Srinagar, reported ANI.

Claiming that terrorism has decreased and the stone bombardment has become invisible, Shah said, “I want to assure you that strict measures will be taken against those who want to ruin the peace of J&K, no one can hinder the development here. This is our commitment.

The Home Secretary expressed his joy at being in Jammu and Kashmir after about 2.15 years.

“It’s a very happy time for me because after the safety review meeting I have an event with the youth of the Youth Club,” he said.

Stating that Kashmir has had a new start, the Home Secretary said: “From fear, terrorism, corruption and family politics to peace, development, and prosperity. The youth of Jammu-Kashmir reinforced this change.

Shah said the transparency and corruption-free governance that Jammu-Kashmir has witnessed since 2019 are the backbone of the region’s development.

“Could this be possible without repealing section 370?” He asked.

Jammu and Kashmir were divided into two Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh earlier on August 5, 2019.

Sections 370 and 35 (A) was canceled, giving the former state its special status and the mandate to define its rules of domicile.

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