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Agneepath Scheme: What will be the future of Agniveers after 4 years? Understand every little thing related to Agneepath scheme

This scheme provides an opportunity to the Indian youth who wish to serve the country to join the armed forces for a short period. This scheme improves the profile of the youth of the Armed Forces.

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Agneepath Scheme: The government has announced a new ‘Agneepath’ scheme for recruitment in the armed forces. In the current policy, it has been said that the recruitment of new soldiers will be done for 4 years as against 20 years. Also, there is no system of pension for the ‘agniveers’ coming in its army. Now due to this, candidates are protesting across the country. However, once we understand this issue in detail, what is this plan and what changes have been made in it…

What is Agneepath Scheme?

Agneepath scheme related to Indian Armed Forces is a scheme in which selected candidates will be enrolled as Agniveer for a period of four years.On completion of a period of four years, these Agniveers will return to the society to pursue a career in the profession of their choice with the aim of finding employment in other sectors as a disciplined, dynamic, motivated and skilled manpower.

These Agniveers will be provided an opportunity to apply for enrollment in the permanent cadre after they have completed their period of engagement as per the organizational requirements and policies announced by the Armed Forces.Out of these, up to 25 per cent Agniveers would be selected to be enrolled in the Armed Forces as a regular cadre.

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This scheme provides an opportunity to the Indian youth who wish to serve the country to join the armed forces for a short period. This scheme improves the profile of the youth of the Armed Forces.

What are the broad objectives of this scheme?

To enhance the youth image of the Armed Forces so that they are equipped with their best fighting skills at all times with better risk taking ability.
To attract young talent from the society to effectively utilize, adopt and utilize the emerging modern technologies equipped with advanced technological frontiers by taking advantage of the technical institutions of the country. To provide opportunities to the youth who wish to serve the nation in uniform for a short period of time

To imbibe the zeal, courage, camaraderie, commitment and group spirit of the armed forces among the youth.

To equip the youth with abilities and qualities like discipline, enthusiasm, motivation and efficiency so that they prove to be an asset to us.

What are the benefits envisaged to accrue from this scheme?

This scheme will prove to be extremely useful for the armed forces, nation, individual and society at large.

First, Nation
– National unity based on unity in diversity with equal opportunities to youth including women of all walks of life. Nation building through empowered, disciplined and skilled youth with military values ​​in civil society

Second, the Armed Forces
– better combat preparedness through transformative development with energetic, healthy, diverse, more trained and empowered youth to suit the changing circumstances.
– Selection of the best talent through a strict and transparent selection process.
– Youthful image through maximum balance of youth and experience.

Efforts to enhance the benefits of Skill India by involving technical institutions.

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Third, Individual
– Opportunity to youth to fulfill their dream of joining the Armed Forces and serving the nation. To imbibe military discipline, motivation, skill and physical fitness.
– Easy connectivity to society with a variety of skills, certifications and diplomas/higher education/credits.

Good financial package makes the youth joining the armed forces more stable than their civil society mates. To create confident and better citizens through military training, team building, values ​​and camaraderie during tenure

Personality of an Agniveer – The introduction will be so unique that he will stand apart in the crowd.

What will be the impact of this plan on the operational preparedness of the Armed Forces?

This scheme will increase the operational effectiveness of the armed forces. Equipped with a youthful image, more capable of entering the battlefield with less trepidation, it is expected that these personnel will have a higher risk taking ability. With the incorporation of technology and improvement in training programmes, the Armed Forces will ensure that the personnel inducted under the scheme have the same skills as are required to meet the operational challenges. As the training standards in the Armed Forces are clearly defined and monitored by the highest authorities, it will be ensured that Agniveer lives up to the highest professional standards.

The scheme envisages a young age image of the armed forces. Are the age-related eligibility criteria for enrollment under this scheme different as compared to the earlier practice?

Candidates who fulfill other educational, physical and medical criteria between the age of 17 and a half years to 21 years will be extensively enrolled as Agniveer. The objective of this scheme is to promote the initiative of “Skill India” by enrolling eligible candidates holding ITI/Diploma with necessary skills for certain technical professions in future.

Can Agniveer opt for enrollment in the permanent cadre?

All Agniveers will be provided an opportunity to apply for enrollment in the permanent cadre after they complete their period of engagement as per the organizational requirements and policies announced by the Armed Forces. These applications will be considered through a centralized transparent strict screening system based on merit and performance in service. Up to 25% of Agniveers will be selected for enrollment in the permanent cadre as per the extant terms and conditions. The selection of Agniveers for further enrollment in the Armed Forces would be within the prerogative of the Government through prescribed policies.

How does this scheme compare with other countries?

The methodology of inducting, retaining and de-service of Armed Forces personnel in these countries was carefully analyzed to adopt the best practices being followed in various developed countries.

The following facts emerged from this analysis:

  • Predominantly Volunteer Model: All countries, including countries with compulsory military service, have armed forces with a volunteer nature after the mandatory military service expires. 
  • Enrollment procedures: Most countries follow different models of enrollment at different stages of a military career that allow soldiers to voluntarily continue or be released from service.
  • Retention in service: All countries retainsoldiers in service after an initial mandatory service period, based on their choice and a meritorious selection process.

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  • Training: The initial training period is short in all countries. After a soldier is selected for long-term service, he is given special training.
  • Incentives on discharge: These incentives vary from country to country but are generally in the following areas:

– Discounts/incentives for pursuing higher education.
– Financial package on release of service.
– Credits in education qualifications for the type and duration of service rendered.
– Preference in recruitment in permanent cadre.
Certain job assurances on release from service.
Agneepath scheme aims to follow the model adopted in developed countries and the incentives provided there.

The regimental system is one of the driving forces for soldiers and officers to engage and perform beyond their assigned duties during war. Will the recruitment under this scheme change the system?

We will maintain the regimental system as the scheme envisages selection of the best Agniveers and will ensure unit cohesion only by personnel who prove their mettle. Further, these aspects will be focused and emphasized through the training provided after Agniveer reaches the unit.

Since the period of training is going to be limited, will it be sufficient to meet the operational challenges?

Today’s youth eat better food, run faster and longer, are more tech savvy and are able to adapt more easily to the situation.We aim to harness the talent of the present generation in our training format using technology like simulators to ensure an effective training programme.

As the basic aptitude and qualities of youth have improved over the years, it gives us an opportunity to restructure the training pattern with more time available for both physical and technical training. It also gives us an opportunity to review our existing training patterns to make them contemporary, technology based and in line with the needs of the Armed Forces.

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Is the Agneepath scheme likely to be opened for women?

It is envisaged that women will be recruited progressively in future under the Agniveer scheme for induction into the armed forces.

How will this scheme ensure recruitment from all over the country?

The objective of this scheme is to tap the wide-based talent pool of the nation and select the best talent for a career in the Armed Forces.With the introduction of this scheme the present format of selection in the Armed Forces is not being changed.Changes are being made only to the Terms and Conditions of Service.

As you all know that the three services have well established selection centers across the country. These selection centers have enabled the three services to recruit people from even the most remote parts of the country. Since these Selection Centers will continue to take the responsibility of recruitment of personnel, we expect that the all India representation will not be affected by the introduction of this scheme.

What is the financial package given to Agniveer in the Armed Forces?

Composite Annual Package

– First year package of about Rs 4.76 lakh
– Upgradation allowances up to about Rs 6.92 lakh in the fourth year
– Risk and hardship, ration, dress, travel allowance as applicable Retirement
– 30% of monthly salary to be contributed by individual
– Government Matching and Contribution of Equated Amount
– Interest earned over and above a corpus of Rs 10.04 lakh, which is exempt from income tax after four years Compensation in case of death
– Non-contributory life insurance cover of Rs 48 lakh
– Death while in service of Rs 44 lakh Additional ex-gratia
– Salary for the period not served up to a period of four years including ‘Retirement’ component
– Compensation in case of disability
– Compensation based on percentage of disability as determined by medical authorities
– One-time ex-gratia amounting to Rs 44/25/15 lakh for 100%/75%/50% disability respectively

What are Agneepath Scheme benefits?

Under this proposal, it is envisaged to provide opportunity to the youth to serve in the army for a short duration. The move will also create a more youthful and technically capable war-fighting force by ensuring a fine balance between youth and experienced personnel in the Armed Forces.

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