Actor Kangana Ranaut Says She Doesn’t Plan To Join Politics ‘Just Now’

Mumbai: National Award-winning actress Kangana Ranaut, who portrays iconic politician J. Jayalalithaa in the trilingual biopic titled “Thalaivii”, says that although she is a patriot, she has no intention of joining politics immediately.

Kangana Ranaut was in conversation with radio jockey Raunac for his new YouTube show, #13raJawabNahi.

During the conversation, when asked if she had any ambitions to be in politics, Kangana said, “I currently have no such plan. I firmly believe that without working in the field, you can’t even win a Gram Panchayat election. People can see through you and understand ingenuity. To get into politics, you have to make real investments in people. If people want to, I can do it. think about it. If you see, long after she left, people still love Jaya Maa because she connected with the masses and helped them in every way she could. “

Continuing the conversation, Kangana also mentioned that she paid a heavy price for speaking like a patriot. Responding to one of Raunac’s questions, she said: “I have lost a lot of contracts because I am talking about nation-building, the loss of those contracts meant the loss of income. chose my country over money. I have a very simple approach to life and don’t have two faces. “

The show aired on YouTube on Sunday morning.

“Thalaivii” is directed by A.L. Vijay, based on the life journey of former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu J. Jayalalithaa, also features Arvind Swami.

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